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Math and Science seem to be the culprits that everyone feels that students should be focusing on more then ever.  Unfortunately, most students run from these subjects because students, seemingly, have a difficult time understanding the content.  Or, maybe it is the way the content is presented in the classroom.   


Visionary people attempt to find ways to help students.  The materials presented are visionary and currently on the market.  Examine them and see if you feel that they make math easier to learn. 


They are puzzle worksheets that make math practice fun.   Secret Code Math is a set of printable (pdf) math worksheets.  Each worksheet has math problems encrypted with a secret symbol code.  Kids must use the symbol key to decode the numbers in the problem, then find the answer.  


Authors  claim that teachers and parents love the math practice that Secret Code Math provides.  Kids love decoding the problems – it’s like solving puzzles!  Secret Code Math covers skills from most areas of your kids’ elementary math curriculum is further claimed.


Look at the samples below and test them out.



  This company also has a math riddle book.  This is what they say about this

Do you know the most common reason kids struggle with Mathematics?  It’s simple:  Kids seldom learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide QUICKLY and ACCURATELY! 

Simply put, kids who have MASTERED basic arithmetic skills will succeed in math.  What’s the secret to teaching kids to perform quick, accurate computations?  There is no secret, really.  All it takes it lots of REVIEW and PRACTICE of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.   Without continuing practice of these basic skills, they will struggle with math more and more as they get older.

Now there’s a new product that will help give students the practice they need!  And it actually makes mastering math skills FUN!   Yes, really!  It features dozens of math practice worksheets that kids will actually look forward to doing!  It’s called… the Math Riddle Book.

Here’s how it works: 

Print out practice sheets from the Math Riddle Book.  Each worksheet features a series of math problems for  kids to solve.  When the problems are completed, students can use the numbers to decode the answers to a funny, laugh-out-loud riddle. 


Kids are motivated by the fun riddles… and parents and teachers love to see kids practicing math concepts!

It’s a perfect supplement to ANY math curriculum.  TEACHERS are using these worksheets in their classrooms to review and reinforce math concepts.  PARENTS are using these worksheets to give their kids an added opportunity to master computation skills.  HOMESCHOOL FAMILIES are using them as fun supplements to spice up their math lessons!

Hers is a sample from the riddle book:

Check out the Math Riddle Worksheets at:

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