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This site begs to have the readers discuss issues related to articles from the front page of this news vehicle located at our main site and also participate in the Noise that is coming FROM THE LOCKER ROOM located in this section. The telephone phenomenon a few years back, “Can you hear me now?” “Can you hear me now?” rings into the mandate that this newspaper/magazine takes upon it self to achieve.
The discussion is a call to action for everybody in the process.  The stumbling blocks to prevent change in a structure such as public education are the volumes of people involved from the parents, students, teachers, and the community at large.  For it is the later that will use the educated for job filling.  That youth be fully prepared is, primarily, the responsibility of public school education.
With this magazine section inpublicschools intends to move in to publicize thoughts from grass root Americans.  Urban and rural families are urged to participate and describe their experiences with a system that may not have been kind to them or their children.  Another site joins the movement, www.empower-education-empower.com.  It too broadcasts the need for parent, student, teacher, community and government involvement.  Let each get on the same page for the benefit of children/youth futures.
The article on parallel tracks in the news section of this site, inpublicschools,  identifies the deficits in life styles of those who have “little” versus those that have “much.”  Let this vehicle be a way for everyone, no matter whom or where one lives within the country to be counted in thought, which may lead to responsible action.  Always, remember, the “children are our futures” from

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