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Pledges that support change in behavior are available below, and represent contracts between parents and children/youth, students and teachers.  They become a must do if all participants in the education process are serious about change.  Feel free to copy them and use them with your children and youth as they continue on their educational experiences.  To obtain the empowerment button discussed in the pledge,  go into the Citizenship Archives for instructions. 

The first one is the pledge between the parent and child/youth:




With this Empowerment Button, I get involved, as the Linchpin for my child’s education; I recognize that the kinship that exists between myself as a parent and the child that has been given to me is


                 to have and to hold, from birth, forward

  for better or for worse

for richer for poorer

 in sickness, and in health

                  to have and to cherish until graduation do we part

(both high school and college)


As the parent, I pledge that I will show my child that I value education, I encourage my child to be a reader, talk with my child about school work, visit the school and meet with the principal and teachers and become involved with the total decision making process for my child’s education.


As the parent, I am under the obligation to place around my child, protective care, to shield my child from the rough storms of the world, to cling to my child with constant devotion to cherish my child with unfailing affection to fill up the space of my child’s life with love, to guard my child’s happiness with unceasing vigilance, and to be true to my child in all ways.











With this Empowerment BUTTON, I accept that I AM responsible for my own education.  I recognize that this responsibility carried out ultimately leads to great honor for myself, my parents, my neighborhood, and my community at large.


I accept the kinship that exists between my parent(s), caregivers(s) and myself that they have given to me not to have and to hold, from birth, forward, for better for worst, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health to have and to cherish until graduation do we part (both high school and college).


I perform tasks both in school and in conjunction with homework to reinforce subject learning that occurs daily in my classroom.


I decide on my educational goals in collaboration with both my parents and teachers to ensure that I stay on task and keep my eye on the prize, my dream, my high school diploma, higher education achievement, or at the very least a vocational education that leads to productivity in a future work environment.


As the student, I am under the obligation to keep myself from negative influences that may exist within school and or the community and to instead contribute to safeguarding these environments through positive contributions in the area of strong friendship bonds with my peers, respect for my teachers and development of high regard for my self.













With this EMPOERMENT BUTTON, I accept that I AM an essential part of my student’s education.


I recognize that this carries with it a day-to-day responsibility to challenge the minds of the students that come through my classroom doors.


I accept the involvement of both student(s) and parent(s), care giver(s) in the education of my student(s) and extend opportunity for parent conferences, and parent input to achieve the student’s education.


I accept my power as an educator to make all of my students feel included and to implant hope to help my students find success within the educational process that will be lasting and enable the students to provide for their future needs.


As the teacher, I AM under the obligation to prepare and present instruction to meet the needs of each individual student, even though I am teaching the students within a group.


At the same tie I agree to make my classroom a learning center that will encourage students to explore my subject matter beyond and above my teaching, encouraging curiosity and regard for learning.  By creating such an environment, I build self-esteem, which is the underpinning of high achievement and creativity.










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